Zanzibari seaweed farmers

Seaweed farming, a sector wounded to death by climate change, represents the lifeline of some 23,000 women in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar. A business despised by men that provide thousands of women -embedded in a highly conservative and traditional Muslim society- a certain monetary power and therefore, a minimal independence.
However, in recent years, growing seaweed in Zanzibar has ceased to be synonymous with good harvest. The variety of algae for which women obtained more money, eucheuma cottonii (which has a higher concentration of carrageenan) does not grow in increasingly warmer superficial waters up to 38 degrees Celsius.
The world’s oceans are warming 40% faster than expected, scientists warned in a new study published last January in the journal Science. They absorb 93% of the heat that remains in the atmosphere trapped by greenhouse gases, but the consequences are devastating. Pests and diseases in the case of algae have become common.
(November, 2019).